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British Ancestry has been established to help all researchers from unique resources and international contacts.

Since the 1930's, I have built up one of the finest collections of books on heraldry and genealogy to be found in the UK. The bulk of this has been donated to the library of the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies (IHGS). I have collected hundreds of original manuscripts dating back to the thirteenth century. These are now in our archives. There is also an extensive catalogue of lectures, reports and papers that I have written. These provide an important resource based upon more than 60 years experience.

Do not hesitate to browse the articles archive, and the index to questions and answers. Please respect my copyright to these articles. They are intended to be available to those needing assistance and advice. There is generally no charge but any proceeds assist the IHGS.

If you still need advice please use the contact form. Advice is free you will receive an answer as time permits.

To enquire about courses or research. contact IHGS.


Cecil R. Humphery Smith


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