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Johann Siebmacher (d. 1611) published in 1605 in Nuremberg a New Wapenbüch with 3320 arms fully illustrated. This armory was continually enlarged and reprinted over the years by Paul Fürst (in 1612, then parts in 1655) and by his heirs (with varying titles 1701-05 edition, with additions up to 1772, when the collection contained 19,000 fully illustrated arms (it is known as the "old" Siebmacher). In 1854, the same publisher (now Bauer u. Raspe) began a new edition, called Siebmacher's großes und allgemeines Wappenbuch, continued until 1961, totalling 101 volumes (known as the "new" Siebmacher). This collection was acquired for the Institute by Cecil Humphery-Smith with the largest part donated by the late Aylmer Buesst* and purchased from the widow of Ivan Huntley. A General-Index of the 130,000 names in all editions of Siebmacher from 1605 to 1961 has been published by Cecil's old friend, Hans Jäger-Sünstenau, in 1984. Searches in the Index are free of charge: details of the entry are charged at £18 post free. * The story of the acquisition of the Index will be found at
20 November 2008

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