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Perhaps you have a metal detector, using it to scan the sites of medieval battles, tournaments and jousts. You may have found some of those small coloured enamelled shields that were attached in rows along the trappings to identify the chivalrous rider and had been knocked off the leather horse harnesses during a melée or battle.

ANGLO-NORMAN ARMORY TWO is a seminal work that indexes and illustrates all the coats of arms in the surviving English rolls of arms of the 13th century. It is fully referenced. Remarkably, ANGLO-NORMAN ARMORY TWO is out of print because of the special interest that metal detecting enthusiasts have shown about their romantic finds. They have ordered copies from FAMILY HISTORY, NORTHGATE, CANTERBURY, CT1 1BA and the book is about to be reprinted in a limited second edition.

The DERING Roll for which, recently, funds were raised to save the original document for the nation is one of the rolls indexed. (See Family History, Vol. 23, No. 196 (July 2008)p.287; and A.R.Wagner, A Catalogue of Medieval Rolls of Arms, Harleian Society vol. 100, p.14). It seems that there were originally 324 shields in 54 rows of 6 shields. It is called the Dering Roll because, in the 16th century, it was purchased by Sir Edward Dering who erased the name of Richard de Criol over the shield Argent, a Saltire Sable and inserted the name of Richard Fiz Dering.
18 September 2008

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