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Have you ever come across the first name Collington? During research into my family I came across Collington Brushfield married to Elizabeth Burton 5/8/1792 Salisbury St Martins Wiltshire. Do you have any further information on Collington Brushfield ie birth/death etc?

ANS:- Looking first at the origin of the name, Collington is a village some 20 miles West of Worcester. It may well have given rise to a surname of one or more individuals who came from or were born there in the days when surnames were being adopted. They may or may not have been related by blood. It may have been given to an illegitimate child by a mother who came from that place, or, as a surname, it may have been borne by the mother of a child of Baptist parents in which families the surname of the mother was frequently passed on as a first or second baptismal name given to the child. These are important genealogical considerations.

The registers of the Salisbury parishes have survived and so have those of several non-conformist denominations for the 1790's.

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