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Question: I am a member of the Guild of One-Name Studies and Project Co-ordinator for the Fisher Surname Study, which aims to collect all references - historical, genealogical, heraldic, biographical and genetic - of the people who bore the surname Fisher.

Can you advise on how I should proceed to collect all heraldic records, which relate to this surname in the UK?

Answer: you will need to consult my Armigerours Ancestors(1996) index and work through the sources cited to collect all officially registered arms for FISHER before about 1690. For any from the Middle Ages try Joseph Foster's Some Feudal Coats of Arms(1902)and, more generally the 1884 edition, and supplement of J.B Burke's General Armory should help. My General Armory Two(1972)provides additional material with more sources in the introduction and appendix. Beyond that you would have to contact The College of Arms and ask the Officer in Waiting or one of the Heralds to have a search made. This could prove costly and might well duplicate a good deal from the other sources.

If you need further assistance a library search can be made here

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