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Question: I am researching the Gower Family name and have hit a brick wall I would appreciate some expert help as where to go from here. I need to find the birth of Samuel Gower. He was born in 1799 this being known from census 1841/51 for Tring Hertfordshire. He was married to Phyliss Chapman on 17.08.1818 at Wendover Buckingham. All his children were christened in 1838 in Tring. He died in Tring 19th January 1863, aged 64. But I cannot trace his birth anywhere. He is known as Samuel on all certificates and census. please what would be my next move.

Answer: Surely the 1851 census states where Samuel Gower was supposed to have been born? The fact that all children were baoptised at the same time in 1838 suggests to me that the family had been non-confomists, perhaps Baptists. There may not be any record of the birth of Samuel. Try non-conformist records at PRO for the area around Wendover. List Gower deaths 1837-60 and search areas suggested for parents or siblings of Samuel. Extend census searches to pick up his siblings probably with similar names to his own children. XCome back to me if you are still stuck.

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