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I was wondering if you had any books on German coats of arms I could see in your library. My maiden name is Holfeld and I belive there was a Josef Holfeld von Adlersberg and the family crest is a red and white double headed eagle. Although I was married I would like to revert to my maiden name and have a ring with a crest. i would appreciate any help you can give me in this matter.


Your email has been passed to me from The Heraldry Society ( If you apply to the Librarian of The Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies, Northgate, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 1BA ( and refer to this e-mail, you will be directed to the largest collection of books on heraldry of German families in this country. Let me point out, however, that people of the same name are not necessarily related by blood. The coat of arms is the property of the individual who has a right to it by grant or registration and not by similarity of name. Usage without establishing that right is a lisrepresentation. To distinguish between the Crest (that sits on top of the helmet), the shield or coat of arms and other parts of the Achievement, see The Heraldry Society site. You do not give a mailing address so I do not know how far you are from Canterbury. A search can be made for a modest fee, if you wish. See

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