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Question: I wonder if you can help me? My great Grandfather Frederick Macdonald married in 1850 in Canterbury, he married Florence Elizabeth Rapson. He was a Paper Maker. I cannot find any trace of the Macdonald's or the Rapson in Kent, but the older members of the family seem to think they stayed for a while in kent, and a sister was married to the Lord Mayor of Canterbury. is there some place I can look into Paper Makers at that time?


I presume that you have the details of the marriage but, if not, we can arrange the search for you. Also the lists of Lords Mayor are available in Canterbury as in other cities.We could find out who it might be around the time if you have a date.

Canterbury would, of course have been a favourite place to come to for marriage, particularly if the sister was already going out with a future Lord Mayor of Canterbury. We also have access to the 1851, and subsequent census enumerators' returns for the City and to a good deal of information on paper makers on the Stour, the Medway and other rivers which are, of course, essential to paper making. Some of the paper makers retain records of employees. Again , this might need a search.

The Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies is an educational Charity supported by a group of professionals who work on a not-for-profit basis, at cost. If you were to send an advance on account (payable to "Achievements Ltd" there is achance that the researchers could discover the relationahips in which you are interested. You should also include your full name and address.

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