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Christopher White was the son of Thomas White (estimated date of birth 1620) born about 1642 at Omnary or Omnar, England. He was a carpenter who moved to London from Cumberland to help rebuild the city after the Great Fire of 1666. He lived in Ratcliffe, a sub-district of Stepney, and there his son, Josiah, was born (baptised?) on 13th July 1675. He sailed with two children and three servants on the ship "Willing Wind" to America in 1677 and settled at Salem in New Jersey. - - - - - -

Many archdeacons throughout the country sent out notices to parochial incumbents to persuade the carpenters to go from the villages to London to assist with rebuilding. This often happened after fires in the towns and cities where there were predominantly timber houses, often with thatched roofs It led to migrations of whole families on the one hand and later, influences upon them that also changed their ways and ideas after the Reformation led to the multiplication of religious sects.

Alas, we cannot locate any place in England called Omnary or Omnar. This might, of course, be a very small village, perhaps one that disappeared following plaque, agricultural decline, enclosures, or war. The surname White is one of frequent occurrence and it may not be possible to go much further from this information. However, perhaps the identity of Christopher's wife could be determined if his marriage could be located. My Phillimore Atlas and Index of Parish Registers provides a guide to the various indexes that are available for the northern counties of England and southern ones of Scotland in which there may be some record.

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